East Andersonville Residents' Council is committed to helping make our community the very best it can be. We are a community-driven organization, seeking individuals like yourself to assist in volunteer opportunities.

We NEED your help!  Whether it is showing up to meetings, contributing ideas on what needs fixing in our community, helping out at events, or supporting EARC directly through a donation or membership, we need your help! The more people participate the stronger we will become!


Volunteer Opportunities

Become a member Members are eligible to run for the board of directors and are eligible to elect board members at our end-of-the-year meeting. By becoming a member of EARC you have direct access and a direct say in the future of this area, as we are the link to the leaders, developers, parks and schools that directly impact your family’s life. The EARC is governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected by you at the annual meeting. Their charge is to provide general direction, supported by committees specializing in planning, the parks, schools, architectural preservation, crime prevention and business relations. 

Donate Please consider donating to EARC. You can make out checks to the East Andersonville Residents' Council. 

Newsletter Assistance The Communications Committee is actively searching for individuals to help provide content to our site. We are eager to get input from all parts of the neighborhood. Tell us about your day while strolling through the EARC, let us know whats happening on your street, or tell us about your shopping experience…the sky is the limit.

Gardeners Wanted Have you moved to the EARC and left your garden behind? You can still dig in the dirt by joining the EARC Garden Committee